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And so it begins.

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Hiking in Switzerland

For the last part of my trip, we went hiking throughout Switzerland.  Specifically, we were in an area known as Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is about 30 minutes south by train from Interlaken.  I spent a total of 5 days hiking there (my sister spent 3).  There are well over 100 hiking trails in the area […]

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Copenhagen Wanderings

Copenhagen is a neat city.  There are bike lanes literally on every street, people biking everywhere, and rivers running through the city.  I’m told bikes will be more prevalent in Amsterdam, but I find that hard to believe seeing how many there are here.  And drivers don’t honk at every single bike or try and […]

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Prague – Day 3

Wrapped up in Prague now. Lots and lots of walking.  And rain.  Shown is the map of where we walked today.  Came out to be ~16.3 miles for the day.  Not too shabby.  Saw most of the major sites – Castle, Royal Gardens, Ancient Clock (scientific name, really), Jewish museum & cemetery, and a number […]

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Eating in Japan :: Not Dead Yet in Shirakawa-Go

In Shirakawa-Go, I stayed overnight in one of the thatched roof farmhouses.  Part of that included having breakfast and dinner.  Part of the dinner was fresh river trout.  When it was first put in front of me, I was afraid the fish might get up and run away.

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