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Eating in Japan :: Literal menu in Kanazawa

In Kanazawa, I went to the equivalent of a tapas bar.  After loading up and getting nearly full on 'safe' foods, I decided to sample a more interesting item from the menu.  So, I ordered the "Grilled Pork Foot."  I had no idea it would be quite so literal!

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Japan Maps :: Kyoto Day 1

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Eating in Japan :: Sushi in Kyoto

Found a great sushi place for dinner tonight in Kyoto called Musashi Sushi.  You sit down at a bar, and all along the bar is a conveyor belt.  There are plates and plates of sushi on said conveyor belt.  You just grab a plate of the sushi you want off the conveyor belt and dig […]

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Japan – Days 1 & 2 – Link to slideshow

In case the video is displaying weird in the embedded post below, view it normally with this link:

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Thoughts on Beatles (Love) Cirque show

While the idea and some of the individual acrobatics were impressive, overall I wasn’t impressed (although it was still fun to see and I enjoyed going). I think to enjoy this show you have to be a hard-core Beatles fan. Cressie, for example, knew every song and really enjoyed it. I knew maybe 1 out […]

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