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Sydney, Australia

Day 1 (1) After a second night of sleeping on a plane, I was glad to finally arrive. I found a SIM card for my phone and hopped a shuttle to my hotel in Potts Point. Thankfully they had a room ready for me, even though it was only 10am. My goal for the day […]

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LAX, why do you keep making me hate you? 1 hour after scheduled departure time and we’re sitting at the gate having the hydrolics on the plane looked at. And there is a screaming alien baby in the row immediately in front of us.

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Dunedin to Queenstown

Once we arrived in Dunedin, we found our hotel – a place called Hogwartz Bacpackers. We got there earlier than planned so took a tour of the Cadburry chocolate factory and Speight’s – one of the bigger beer brewers in NZ. We added on dinner at the Speight’s Ale House after which was quite tasty.The […]

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Doubtful Sound

Just made it back from overnight cruise to Doubtful Sound. It was amazing – had to be highlight of the trip. Now off to Queenstown for the last few days before flying home.

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Seals, Llamas and Sounds

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Chris Lewis Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 14:29:33 -0700 Subject: Seals, Llamas and Sounds To: Upon arrival in Wellington, we immediately hopped on the ferry to head to the South Island. The sun was starting to set as we left so we had some great views of the coast […]

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