Welcome (Back)

This site has been basically non-functional for about a year and a half…way too long! So, I’m slowly re-building it up. So far the only content of any usefulness can be found on the sidebar.

You can see what music I’ve been listening to with the Last.FM widget, and see some random postings/comments around the internet with the FriendFeed widget. You can see the most recent images I’ve posted in the “Flickr recent photos” section. Finally, if you want to see my full Flickr gallery, click on Photography then Flickr Photostream.

I also have a self-hosted gallery (Photography -> Gallery) which I’m going to slowly work on loading images into – just a warning though, I have a lot of images so it will take a while! And shortly I hope to have that gallery fully integrated into the site, but for now the way it works will have to do.

Here’s to hoping I keep this up and running (and hopefully with fresh content) fairly frequently!

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