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Wild Wild West

Miles Driven: 1,100+ States Visited: 3 Seeing tons of cool sites: Priceless Earlier this month, Cressie and I took a trip out West. On the trip, we went through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, visiting Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire State Park, Brianhead Ski Resort, Zion National Park, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and Red […]

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Tutorial: Job Searching Made Easy

These days, it seems like every job opening is posted to the web, and without the proper tools, sifting through all of them can be extremely time consuming.  When I was job hunting, I came up with a great system that made finding the relevant jobs I cared about very easy, and all it required […]

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Rock Boat IX

Every year for the past several years, I have gone on a cruise known as The Rock Boat. This is a week-long cruise where approximately 30 bands are on board, and there are concerts every day from about 12 noon until 3am. This year I had not been planning on going – I chose instead […]

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Comcast Customer Service

Update – see end for update Recently, while looking at my Comcast Bill, I decided to look at their current offerings. To my surprise, I ran across the “Digital Double Play” package. For only $66 they offer their Digital Cable package with Channel 1 on Demand, plus High Speed Internet. My current package is Limited […]

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Gallery 2 and Eye-Fi Memory Card

For the uninitiated, the Eye-Fi memory card is a SD memory card with wireless capabilities built in, allowing automated uploading of your images as you take them without requiring a connection to a computer. You simply walk to a hotspot or a wireless access point you have registered with and your images are uploaded to […]

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