Gallery 2 and Eye-Fi Memory Card

For the uninitiated, the Eye-Fi memory card is a SD memory card with wireless capabilities built in, allowing automated uploading of your images as you take them without requiring a connection to a computer. You simply walk to a hotspot or a wireless access point you have registered with and your images are uploaded to the web for you.

With that being said, here is the problem: My 2 photo sharing services of choice are Flickr and Gallery 2. I am usually more selective and upload less images to Flickr, so didn’t want to connect the card to Flickr (also of note, you can only have the card upload to one service only for some reason…..) This meant it would connect it to my Gallery 2 installation. This, in theory, works fine. The problem is that when uploading to the gallery, a new album is created for each day at the top level of your gallery. Thus, if I take 2 images today, an album will be created for “Images taken on June 13th, 2008”. Take another 12 images tomorrow, and a new album for “Images taken on June 14th, 2008” will be created at the top level of the gallery. This becomes very annoying very quickly and there is no way on the Eye-Fi site to disable this behavior. The ideal solution would be for all of these albums to get created under one top-level album, and therefore not overrun my top-level gallery space.

I was able to come up with a solution to fix this. It requires a few patches to the gallery remote module, but it works. Check out my Gallery 2 Eye-Fi patch if you are interested in modifying your gallery as well. In the meantime, enjoy my clutter-free Gallery, thanks to this patch. This could possibly be turned into a true module for ease of use, but for now, this works and hopefully will still be of use to you as well.

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